Therapy is a continued, intentional and influential conversation. It's one of those conversations you walk away from learning something new or seeing the world in a different way. Therapy is talking, and also really being heard. It's silent contemplation, lively investigation and even laughter sometimes. It's learning what motivates you, scares you, makes you anxious and what holds you back. It's realizing your secret strengths (even when you feel weak) and finding resilience from within.  Therapy is gaining self-knowledge that opens up the possibility for a proactive life.

I offer personalized one-on-one private counseling. Whether you face anxiety, stress, shyness, social issues, depression or other emotional difficulties, you’ll learn healthy, useful ways to cope as well as strategies that can provide resolution and a sense of well-being.

You want to take full advantage of life in San Francisco but work is crazy, there's a lot on your mind and it's starting to be a bit (or a lot) much.


I get it. I see high-achieving, independent, talented and caring women everyday who struggle privately with painful feelings and nagging thoughts. Even if everything is technically "okay," that doesn't mean you don't deserve to be heard and get support in what you're going through.


Finding a helpful therapist is a sign that you're no longer interested in remaining in the status quo. Whether it's a relationship concern or other aspects of life that have you a bit stuck, it can be helpful to talk it out with a non-biased party. Some men don't feel 100% comfortable sharing their private thoughts, feelings and concerns with a friend or family member, and therapy can be a great way to open up a useful conversation that is focused on you.


I'm here to help you understand your uncomfortable thoughts & feelings, address your relationship concerns, and find healthy ways to navigate.


Even as adults, our families impact us in profound ways. Our parents and siblings influence the way think about ourselves, the world and how we act in newer relationships. Understanding how our relationships with our parents and siblings shape us can be a powerful tool for self-understanding and personal empowerment.