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A dating-focused coaching program

that's a great alternative to traditional therapy


Dating coaching can allow you to move through dating in a more supportive, clear & confident way! It's truly easier and more fun to do dating with a buddy than on our own.

Together we can work on anything from creating & editing your online profile, learning how to harness dating appeal, attracting high quality and respectful potential partners and understanding your individual authentic boundaries. We'll figure out different ways for you to feel more safe, self-assured and excited in your dating life.

Along the way, you'll learn to take pride in your unique personality & gifts, learning how to create meaningful and deep conversations & connections and have fun with it!

Dating Coach

Dating coaching might help if: 

  • You're feeling burnt out from the apps

  • You're a kind, generous & thoughtful person and feel like you're often giving much more than receiving

  • You've noticed you're meeting mostly "avoidant" individuals who don't seem to be on the same page in wanting a real relationship

  • You'd like to understand how to feel more confident on dates

  • Meeting like-minded dates who are caring, thoughtful & present is a priority to you, but it seems hard to find

  • You're feeling anxious, stuck or lost as to how to create a quality profile, how to message people to create attraction & appeal and want to learn how to have deeper connections and chemistry with people 

  • There's a pattern you see happening again and again in your dating that you're looking to disrupt

  • Dating doesn't feel as fun as you think it could be

  • And of course, much more!

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