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Sometimes life feels hard
... therapy can help.

As a licensed therapist, I see the busy professionals of San Francisco, the SF Bay Area & Los Angeles, CA & I understand the challenges of this high-expectation lifestyle. There's a lot going on and life can start to feel stressful, a tad anxiety-producing & complicated. I'm here to help lighten the heaviness and be a supportive and helpful resource & presence in your life. In therapy, we'll address what's on your mind and find ways to move towards a life you feel great about.

In my practice I see adults who are feeling over-worked, experiencing anxiety, dating & relationship issues, low self-esteem, overwhelm and other challenges. I also see individuals who are interested in being more intentional and proactive about how they're living their life in general.


I'm here to provide support as an unbiased, non-judgmental professional. I'll listen carefully and help you navigate some of life's more tricky thoughts, feelings, obstacles and experiences.

My style is warm, interactive, strength-based, creative and direct at times. I'm not afraid to give honest feedback and professional opinions. I also prioritize creating a safe environment where my clients feel secure to open up without fear of judgment. My passion is helping people work through the big questions, circular thinking, and painful feelings that might be holding someone back from living their best life.

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